Current Art

Mmkay so yall already know that I'm not around often. I am crazy but I am free but not really. Being an adult has its ups n downs for example I have no one to answer to, but I have NO ONE to answer to! Like whos making sure I'm booking certain appointments? or if I'm taking the trash everday? I am a disclipined person though and I'm doing well (i think lololol). Anyway this art piece could use more time and effort I won't deny but I'm just going to say its completed because I dont plan on working on it anymore. Its a sketch from 2019 with the reference being a pink haired manga girl who I cannot locate at this very moment. I scanned the drawing and altered the contrast/highlights. Then I used the outline and colored in it. The skin was painted cyan with hot pink for the shadows and then I used a layer of skin color over it with about 80% opacity to give it a "vibrant" look. Background is a picture I took before going to work with alterations.

I've always had a strange relationship with digital art. I didn't get my cool teen artist phase like the other kids did and I'm still going through my awkward digital art phase. I'm just finding out what works for me. So ya this is my first piece under ma new formula. kek. The looks pretty cool actually you can even see the dots of my sketchbook pages. Also you can see the color isn't consistent with the lineart but thats because my first piece I made didn't save (i finished it in one sitting). So I rushed and had to use a different outline lolol.

Ok so to an extent I like this method because it does give a nice look to the skin that I fuck with but once I used darker tones its starts looking off? It reminds me of when I was a kid playing anime dress ups and when I would choose a dark tone it would look washed out. Kinda like picrew! I also blame the monitor because I've had times were if I look at a drawing I did with a different monitor it looks too orange or diluted. I've also used green to shade white skin and I like the look of it but ultimately not all methods work with every skin color! So yeah I'm gonna try things out in my next drawing.

Ehhh it kinda looks good? But I don't know if thats the effect of me staring at my own piece too long. You know that effect exists right? You have to pause while your drawing sometimes because you start getting used to it.