Fullmetal Alchemist...

...Fullmetal Alchemist

My first experience with FMA was on a cold,summer night of 2009. I had stayed past my bedtime and was watching Adult Swim. I saw the first opening and thought it was funny cause it was fast and it sounded strange. Lil ignorant Mia was only a kindergartener. After that I would see glimpses of the episode, for example Sloth's death. I remember watching the Greed episode until I saw blood and he said "sex". I thought "Wow this is for adults." and then I changed the channel to Nickelodeon. In my opinion, Nick at Night sucked because I didn't get the jokes and George Lopez reminded me of a shitty classmate. Another anime I saw glimpses of was Inuyasha which didn't seem that interesting. When I was in the after school program we'd stay at this classroom. Each desk had a book and one of the desks had a sacred inuyasha manga. There was boobies and we 2nd graders were sooo fascinated. Too bad the teacher made the book disappear.

Wow I went off topic huh? Anyway I didn't see FMA anymore until 7th grade. In 7th grade I got a TV in my room (Super Lucky!) and it was connected to the magic box that had netflix and youtube. I willingly seeked the aminays. First I saw the 2009 one and then the 2003 one. Lots of people fight over which version was the best but I think they were both good in their own way. FMA brotherhood followed the manga and it had Ling and Greed. I would probably like the 2003 one more because the tone seemed darker, Envy was hawter, and the songs were better. I didn't like the ending though and Greed is very important so hmmmm.

The Girls

Lust is a very lovely women! I like her smooth voice,boobies, and chill demeanor. Lust can be both sexual and violent which is a kewl reflection of her character. I would let her poke me with those long ass fingers.

Lanfan (or Ranfan) is awesome! She looks cool in her mask and jumpsuit and cute without em. Her dedication to Ling makes me feel a bit sad cause she's more than just a tool TwT. I like characters that seem like threats but then end up being all shy and cute.

A strong person! A grand role model. Izumi is tha best! I love how she kicked Greed like that. I think the blood vomiting trope is funny but uhhh thats not a good thing.

The Boys

Mmmm Greed. The first character I saw! I like his nose and personality and power. I love friendly bastards (in anime, irl boys will see the consequences) >:3 His power is grreat because he gets those pointy teeth and ya can't stab him

Ling! Friendly bastards amirite? I like his way of thinking but he's too self-sacrificing!! Greedling is a grand combination. He's hungry like me so we are totally related.


Big Envy! I like the androgynous design and the shitty attitude. I think they're funny but they're terrible. Envy's death should've been worse noah fence. 2003 Envy was kinda cooler than the 2009 one because they were a bigger threat.