I don't really watch anime like I used to. Its a chore to start a show and as soon as I get an ick I stop watching. I can tolerate a lot too. Like cringe and guts and fan service, but to an extent no. I don't know if y'all have seen this one video where a guy explains how you have to turn off your mind to watch anime and enjoy it. I just like what I like. For example one of my first animes was Fruits Basket. I watched it in halves on a youtube playlist and I was in 5th grade. I was so obsessed with the concept and I read each wiki article. god I love wikis I love reading. Anyway I tried watching the new one that came out and it's supposed to be a good continuation of the series, accurate to what happened. But I wasn't into it, I stopped before Hatsuharu came and he was my favorite character. Maybe it was the style? It looked nice but I didn't put the time to watch it. I won't say the older one is better because its not fair lol

I also wanted to watch Psycho Pass because I heard of all the analysis and how its so meaningful. But by the third episode I think the lead did something gimmicky like most animes and I was like ok I'm sick of it. In a way I feel like I come across as pretentious because duhh i watch anime, I watch cringe and I am cringe. I keep the animes I watch few and close to my heart. Its not that deep kek. If I like what I see I stick around.