I hope nyall read the header in that voice (you know danganronpa). Anyway Danganronpa is cool because of the colorful characters and the murder trials. An awesome combination that interests me to the core! I really like watching Forensic Files with my mom so you know how it is. Nyall know that brite colors seduce my FAT eyes. Plus the girls are better than the boys.

My first experience of danganronpa was in Ninja Kiwi (Bloons Tower Defense BTW), there was ads for danganronpa 2. I thought it was weird, especially cause of that fat bear and bunny. I hated their outie belly buttons. Anyway I did more research in 6th grade, fell in love with Junko Enoshima and did extensive research on her. I knew all the spoilers but I still watched the anime. It’s hard to decide with danganronpa was the best, except drv3 because that one seemed dull lol. Dr2 was more colorful and I liked the plot and characters.

The Girls

I like Kyoko because she’s calm and collected. I feel like most boys have these traits but when it’s a girl it seems cooler. (I’m biased. so?) Her lavender hair is nice too. Being a detective is super cool and very useful considering the situation they were in

Akane is one of my faves because she reminds of myself (and how I wish I could be). She’s brown,self-indulgent, and hot-tempered. I love food and massages so she could be my twin kekeke. I wish I was stretchy and athletic though! I wish I was strong enough to beat a robot to the bloody pulp.

When I first saw Ibuki, I fell in looove. Her design looks awesome. I wish I could have those ear piercings like her. I love rowdy,but friendly girls like her. Her name sounds cool too and it can has lots of meanings like beauty or breath.

Celestia Ludenberg!! I like her name because Princess Celestia ya know? I’ve always liked the lolita fashion so her design is beloved. She was pretty chill until she got exposed and then she went ham. I also like her ring because its pointy and cool. The thing I don’t like is she’s trying to be European soooo hard.

Junko Junko Junkooo! She was the first one that caught my eye! I remember thinking she was gonna be my favorite character and BOOM she is. Gyaru fashion is aight. I think she’s funny and her analysing skills are admirable. She’s so pretty omg.

The Boys

Noah fence but I don’t pay attention to most of the boys in danganronpa because they all have the same face so they aren’t handsome enough to research. Komaeda is an incher sting character though! It’s a shame that he’s been reduced to a meme. His luck fascinates me but his hair is sooo weird. (sorry koko)