Hunter x Hunter

When I first saw Hunter x Hunter I assumed that it was about kids doing quests with Leorio being their guardian. Turns out its best shounen I've ever seen! Everything is just sooo great like the character diversity, music, animation, power system, and plot!! I know that a series is good when I love all the characters. The world is soo cool with all those creatures and artifacts. All the arcs where awesome, my favorites was the Phantom Troupe and Chimera Ant arc. I love the duality of it, by duality I mean the gore and how kid-ish it looks. I wasn't expecting all the traps and backstories and whatnot. I watched it like 2 years ago and then watched some episodes of it with my sister. I remember crying during the Chimera Ant arc, so this and Fruits Basket are the only animes that have made me shed FAT tears.

The Girls

Canary was a very good bodyguard! I could tell that she cared for Killua even though she worked for the crazy ass family. She was also super strong at a young age (she's still young but you know how it is). I hope she makes more appearances.

When I first saw her I thought "Dam who is this ugly rat?". A terrible sin. She was a kind and genuine person with a soft voice. I regret my thoughts and now I try not to make assumptions based on appearances. I love her omg sorry Melody. I appreciate the care she felt towards Kurapika.

Alluka is a very sweet girl! I wonder how she came out of that trash family. Her relationship with Killua is cute to see though :3 . Her power is very incher sting and I wanna know more about her origins! I think the Dark Continent arc might mention it. Her birth was described as uhhh mysterious.

I didn't think much about Pakunoda until she died. I actually felt bad cause she seemed like a kind woman even though she participated in the Kurta massacre. She was prolly the most normal member in the Phantom Troupe and her memory powers were totally sick. I also like her nose, made me want to practice them more in art.

Nyall already know how I feel towards scorpions! Anyway she was a very hawt and strong lady. Too bad she epic failed at trying to be a queen. She went beast mode and ended up burnt crispy.

The Boys

A good boy, the best boy! He's a determined fighter and fisher man. I'm glad he passed the hunter exam, punched Hisoka, and found his dad. I enjoyed seeing his friendship to Killua and his power development. Omg too bad he lost all his nen because of his rage. I hope he can get new goals or something now that hes a NORMAl person.

A very cool boy! He can skateboard, electrify you, and smack your FAT head with a yoyo! When I saw him in the first opening I knew I would love him and so did my sister. His past was fascinating, but tragic. His whole family owns the world! (not literally but you know) Child assassin? Godam...

Uhh I don't know how to pronouce his name. Mary-am? Anyway I'm not into dbz but I think his tail is cool. His birth and life was interesting to see. Character development amirite? He started out as a human-eater to a human-lover keke. He seemed really scary sometimes OwO.


I love her so much omg. Very scary, but cute kitty. Her gender wasn't specified so that's neat. Her powers were also amazing-ly scary like that puppet and Dr.Blythe. I love the way she moved and talked.