a tropical looking bird on flowers two parakeets on flowers a barn owl looking directly at you with a crown on its head
big flowers, possibly a rose or peony
"Love is in the Air" a cute little airplane flying over the Golden Gate Bridge The Japan Town Peace Plaza monument illustration of California featuring golden poppies
An illustration of the Pirate store of Mission Street, with a parrot
Vintage cover of the Flying Eyes, they are huge eyes chasing people Vintage cover of the Golden Amazon, has a lovely woman with a blaster A vintage illustration of a showgirl A vintage cover of the Carnival of Love, a woman is dancing with a man

An illustration of the ferris wheel of the Santa Cruz boardwalk an illustration of an octopus of Santa Cruz illustration of the Redwood tree of California
A large tree with an entrance large enough for a person A Douglass squirrel of California A tree with a Tumor looking growth SUPER BIG