Soul Eater

A totally cool anime and maybe manga (I’ve never read it). The name is sick, but probably not for a character.. I loved the music and the art style! I like the concept of turning into a weapon and controlling your partner lol. The weapons are pretty sick too! The style is kinda ugly different, but in a good way. The characters are also weird in their own ways. I loved them so much, I even got a poster of them! I don’t often get anime merch so you know it’s a big deal.

I watched this around 2016 and then rewatched it with my sister, good bonding times eh? I didn’t do much research until I saw that opening. Dam that opening slams! The only problem is when the naked cat girl came out and I lived in fear of my mom breaking in when that happened. There was lots of fanservice, some of which I didn’t appreciate.

The Girls

Maka Albarn
I'm not usually into main characters, but Maka is awesome! Some people call her boring or a mary sue but fuck em. She's stubborn,flustered, cute, and an awesome scythe wielder. Scythes might be impractical, but they're just soo awesome. I wish I had a FAT scythe like her so I can swing it around town. I guess she can also be described as a tsundere. I despise tsunderes, but I'll make an exception for her.

Medusa Gorgon
I know she's a piece of shit and an abusive lady, but I just really like her as a uhhh villain. She was always one step ahead of everyone, even the author! I love her snakey-ness and her powers. All that 'vector arrow', 'vector plate' racket. The best villain ever wooo. I hate how she's barefoot though, fuckin nasty.

Arachne Gorgon
Wow another villain. She's really similar to Lust, another character I love. She has a nice, smooth, ASMR material voice, beautiful eyes, and a calm atitude. Even in death she was chill. I wish I was that Kishin so she could pet my FAT head. She was probably better in the manga cause I saw a screencap of her demolishing Medusa.

The Boys

Soul Evans
A very 'cool' boy. He's good at piano and soul eating kekeke. His scythe form is really cool and I like his fashion sense. He's also funny in a stupid way, like when he hid a bunch of cheatsheets in his clothes instead of studying like a normal person. I find him relatable because I also don't open up about my problems kek.

Death the Kid
Everything is cool about him! (in my onion). His name and music theme and even that weird hair. I've never seen an anime character with hair like his or character with a personality like his! He's pretty fussy about symmetry which everone finds hilary-ous, me included. Other than that he's seems like a calm, responsible kid.

God I love Excalibur! He's the reason why my sister decided to watch Soul Eater with me. He's really silly, sings a lot, and his dance sequence is the hawtest. I love him so much that I made him on my flag emblem of Cod Bo3. I saw him at Crunchy Roll con and took a pic with him. We are all fools


Crona Gorgon
Crona deserved better. They were sensitive, but funny. Seeing em smile makes me happy. I like Crona's name, weapon, and powers! Their blood was fancy so it solidfied and poked really hard. I did spoil myself a bit in the manga so TT_TT. BTW Ragnorak is awesome too