How the hell are you supposed to pronounce it? Toe-ho? Lol. Anyway, Touhou is a bullet hell game with great music and tons of kewl characters.The fandom makes tons of content for it like doujinshis, music videos, and animations. Have I ever played Touhou? NO, but I can still enjoy it so I'm very valid.

My first experience with Touhou was weird because I didn't know what it was at that time. In 4th grade I played on a hacked wii. The wii had tons of games and one of them was "Mario Kart: Dragon Road". I used to think the touhou songs were part of the real game. The rainbow track was my favorite because it had a remix of Mokou's theme. One of the fiery tracks had Flandre's theme. When I found out where they were from I was shocked!!

The Girls

fujiwari no mokou
Mokou is awesome because she drank an immortality elixir and had those fiery wings. Her theme sounds really good and it was in that Mario game I mentioned above. Despite being immortal she can still feel pain and will fight till she can't handle it. epic. She's one of the few characters that wears pants in the series. Tomboys are great >83

flandre scarlett
Everyone loves Flandre including me. I really like the second part of her theme because it sounds like stars falling. I don't know how falling stars sound like BTW. I used to be kinda scared of her theme during Mario because the first part sounded ominous and it was on a fiery track. Her rainbow crystal wings and violent nature are two great traits for me >:3

yukari yakumo
Mmmm Yukari! A lovely woman who seems like a tricky lil shit. Her void powers are awesome especially with those eyes. She has wonderful eyes. I love her 'new' theme because I'm into fast tempos.

A bratty ice fairy. I'm not usually into ice types but her personality contrasts it. Fiery girls are grrrreat.A friend of mine associates her with me because I'm annoying and cute. I'm cute btw (I swear! in certain angles)

Back when I saw those touhou animation I would see a bird girl and think "Who the frick is this??". Well I finally know her now and she's super cool!! Nuclear powers!?!? Totally sick! I've never heard of a character like that (yea they might exist. so?) She lives in hell and might be some god idk. I love how her design references the Elephant's foot (My favorite object in the world) Theres also some other lore mixed in like uhh sun god bird

tenshi hinanawi
Her rainbow belt and vibrant blue hair always caught my attention. Anyway she seems like a brat and lives in heaven. She was bored of her celestial lifestyle, so she wrecked havoc. Her sword is cool too kekekeek