• Name:Carmen
  • Race/ethnicity:Latina, Puerto rican
  • Age:19 (immortal)
  • Height:5"9
  • Physical condition:frail looking, but fit
  • Family:cousins with Carrie,sisters with Natalie
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Astrological Sign:Virgo
  • Carmen is a funky girl! She enjoys being social but doesn’t get invited to parties because of her disturbing attitude. She’s insouciant towards the way people see her though. When she does get a friend, she’ll get really attached and start revealing a lot about herself. She enjoys learning new things and is really into science. Her biggest interests are psychology, biology, and ecology. She tries to encourage people instead of outright helping them. She wants to help people be ‘the best version of themselves’. Carmen is very hedonistic and might be under the influence of something…
  • Skills:
  • Color:Salmon pink