• Name:Carissa
  • Race/ethnicity:Latina,Puerto rican
  • Age:17
  • Birthday:Febuary 20
  • Height:5"5
  • Physical condition:fit,can do 200 push-ups
  • Family:ran away from home, cousins with Carmen and Natalie
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Carissa is a tired girl! She has a hard time opening up to people and acts distant. When she does open up she's really dramatic and funny. Her humor is self-deprecating and kinda dark, but not excessive. She has an air of confidence and will flex on the haters. She's really competitive to the point of immaturity and her temper is burning hot. She has a passion for athletics and encourages others to do them. Even though she's 'Catholic' she has a deep obsession with monsters/demons. It's a mix between fear and excitement.
  • Skills:
  • Color:Rasberry Pink