• Name:Maiko Ikari
  • Race/Ethnicity:Asian,Japanese
  • Age:14
  • Birthday:November 15 scorpio
  • Height:5"3-4
  • Physical condition:semi-fit,average strength
  • Family:The younger of the Ikari sisters (by 9 months), they are technically half-sisters, but her dad never caught on :O
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Maiko is an angry girl! It’s easy to read her because of her dramatic displays of emotions. She enjoys bothering people, but gets bothered easily which is pretty dumb. Her main targets are adults such as teachers, managers, and substitutes. The main reason for this is because of the disappointment they brought her as a child. She has terrible luck so all of her shitty jokes come back at her full speed and her snarky comments are always said at the wrong time. She often brags about silly things and claims that she has a girlfriend at another school (has no real proof of this). As a child, she felt unvalued because of how her relatives treated her since she was born from infidelity. Eventually, she found her passion for music and gained a fat-ass ego.
  • Skills:
  • Color:Purple or hot pink or blue