• Name:Megumi Ikari
  • Race/ethnicity:Asian,Japanese,
  • Age:14
  • Birthday:September 9 capricorn
  • Height:5'10+
  • Physical condition:not fit at all!
  • Family:The elder of the Ikari sisters (by 9 months), Technically they are half-sisters but her dad never caught on (lol).
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Meg is an awkward girl! She spends most of her time alone on the web or with her small circle of friends. She has a passion for horror elements, the mysteries of the real world, and romantic media. Her height and fashion choices may threaten others, but she’s pretty chill unlike her crazy sister. People who meet her would assume she is uncaring because of her monotone and attitude. In reality she is a sensitive person who cares deeply for her friends and depends heavily on them. Her ear is always open for them and she’s down to tag along in any of their misadventures. Most teachers enjoy her presence because she’s quiet and they think she’s paying attention to class (she’s not). Her imagination is way too active for such things.
  • Skills:
  • Color:Indigo