• Name:Nia Medina
  • Race/ethnicity:Afro-Latina
  • Age:14
  • Birthday:September 16th
  • Height:5 feet
  • Physical condition:not fit!! gets tired easily, a weak child
  • Family: Big family,middle(finger)child,gets left behind at stores
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Nia is a curious girl. She enjoys learning new things and teaching others. Nia thinks that making people angry is hilarious so she targets Maiko and Trisha a lot. She never really faces the consequences of her actions because she's so small and innocent-looking. She's good at reading people and likes giving them advice. Growing up she was often forgotten and left behind at family trips so now she tries hard to stand out. As a kid she liked exploring the woods and caves with Risa. She enjoys the dirtiness of the outdoors and the solitude of her room.
  • Skills:
  • Color: Green, Ochre