• Name: Patricia Slaughter
  • Race:Saltine-American
  • Height:5'6-8
  • Birthday:June 6 gemini
  • Age:14
  • Physical condition:Athletic
  • Family:has older brother,shitty household
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Trish is a moody girl! She has big ambitions and is determined to leave her home and gain success. Her academic and athletic status makes her think she’s better than her peers. She’s the most sane in her group and she’s the only one that protests against their antics. As a kid she was bullied a lot so she grew thick skin and a sharper tongue. She really tries to give out a strong, mature presence but she gets flustered easily and comes off as a goof sometimes. She falls in love easily but always denies it like a fool.
  • Skills:
  • Color:dark greens