KOMARDA ( ´-ω・)︻┻┳═

Koko is my online BFF ^w^ He's a great artist and a huge FURRY! His joaks are the best heheheh! I really appreciate him because he got me into web design and now I have this cool and good website! He also introduced me to sozai (jp web material). Without him I wouldn't have my nuko graphics. We have so many common interests and most of my interests were sparked by his. He makes me feel determined and gives me the bestest advice. He is the pinnacle of resiliency. He's also an epic gamer because he plays touhou. He prolly doesn't beileve me but I think he's super talented!! His luck levels are 400+!


We first spoke on 05/26/2017 friendship
We both have taurus liliths (and share like 11 signs in that house/planetary thing)
He let me use his login to play WoW
Bites his icecream!! and ate a scorpion once
Likes strawberry milkshakes and melon creme soda melon creme soda
We've drawn eachother alcholics
He's a starseed!