Best Creepypasta

I've been exposed to many stories as a horror fan, but none do the trick as well as a creepypasta. If you don't know what that is then google it ya loser. Just kidding I'm not mean so I'll explain. A creepypasta is just a bunch of online urban legends. Anyone can make a creepypasta, which leaves plenty of room for a bunch of horrible shitty creepypastas. You won't find any horrible shitty ones here tho, not on my beautiful site. I'm only putting the ones that gave me a frighten at night. I read most of these on the creepypasta of the scaryforkids websites and godam that website scared me bad. My sister still makes fun of me for going on it back then.

View discretion is advised lolol

Ted the Caver

This one is a historical gem, perfect for you old-web lovers. Read here!!. This story is about a dude and his friend who like caving and then they find a small hole and decide to dig through it. A lot of freaky things begin to happen but these cave losers really want to explore this "virgin passage". It's a pretty long story, but it builds up tha suspense.

I think the things that scare me the most is the location- a dark nasty cave and the fact that Ted never updated the page again.. I really hope its not true Awoooo. I'd go more in depth but I think its best to read it on your own. Its the perfect horror


A story about a guy who recalls his childhood living in a strange house. He had a mysterious furby-like friend who played with him while he was alone. Eventually the friend who is called Mr.Widemouth began to act with sinister intentions but before anything can happen the kid moves away. As a grown adult he decided to visit his childhood home and found out that it burned down. Grr its a short story so read it yourself here!!

Squidwards Suicide

Nyall cannot understand how badly this story fucked me up. I remember reading it at a kids party in fourth grade. I borrowed my moms phone and went to scaryforkids like I usually do and I had already read most of the stories on there except for the ones on the creepypasta section. When I clicked the section I found the scary ass thumbnail and I hesitated but I still read the story which made it 10 times worse. This is coming from someone that loved watching spongebob growing up. Later I confided in my sister and she turned against me, threatening to show me the picture whenever she felt like it. One time my dad saw me panicking and asked my sister what was going on and she said I was scared of squidward and he laughed at me. But he didn't understand! Those dark eyes scared me more than the actual story. Lost episode pastas always stayed on my mind.