Best Creepypasta

I've been exposed to many stories as a horror fan, but none do the trick as well as a creepypasta. If you don't know what that is then google it ya loser. Just kidding I'm not mean so I'll explain. A creepypasta is just a bunch of online urban legends. Anyone can make a creepypasta, which leaves plenty of room for a bunch of horrible shitty creepypastas. You won't find any horrible shitty ones here tho, not on my beautiful site. I'm only putting the ones that gave me a frighten at night.

View discretion is advised lolol

Ted the Caver

This one is a historical gem, perfect for you old-web lovers. Read here!!. This story is about a dude and his friend who like caving and then they find a small hole and decide to dig through it. A lot of freaky things begin to happen but these cave losers really want to explore this "virgin passage". It's a pretty long story, but it builds up tha suspense.

I think the things that scare me the most is the location- a dark nasty cave and the face that Ted never updated the page again.. I really hope its not true Awoooo

I will continue tomorrow! My battery dies out so quickly!!