WARNING: This page features curses that are supposed to cause scary things just by looking/reading them. If you are a coward then don’t read!!! Viewer Discretion is advised.

Welcome to the curses page!! These things should be obviously fake but you know how it is… A curse/hex is supposed to inflict harm on the victim x3. I think they’re cool and I used to be really scared of them. 10 years of chain mail mean nothing to me anymore.

Tomino’s Hell

This one’s pretty popular and it comes from an old Japanese poetry book called “The Heart is Like a Rolling Stone”. It was also included in a poetry book in 1919, which shows how ANCIENT it is. Anyway rumors spread that reading it out loud will cause horrible absolutely terrible things to you. Worse than death? Pawsibly. I won’t add the verses here because thats creepy kekekek. Read the poem here

I’m gonna use this topic as an excuse to talk about the amazing artist. You can find more of their work here There’s not many words in their website so I don’t know much about the meaning behind the art.

Purple Mirror

This curse is about remembering the words 'purple mirror' in Japanese. Luckily I forgot what the word for purple is, therefore I am immune. Anyway, if you still remember the Japanese term by the time you're 20 then you will die. Of course it's fake, but I can't risk researching it again and this is all based on memory.