Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is when you have the ability to control your dreams and might even be in them. It’s like being asleep except your conscious about it. Anyway I lucid dream a lot and I wanna teach nyall how do it..the mia way!
Mmkay so first things first, you might accidentally induce sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is when your body is paralysed and your mind’s awake and you might hallucinate haha. Some people see the worst things! So don’t open your eyes when it happens! Here’s a list of my hallucinations I’ve experienced
  • Opened my eyes: saw my door wide open,pitch black, with a short ugly ass demon blending in
  • Felt movement around me and then felt a swarm of voices next to my ear. All whispering bullshit. Was scary at first but then got hella annoying!
  • Felt an orb next to me like a lil ball of energy. I let it zip through me
  • 2 wasps hovering next to my ears. I felt/heard one crawl in my ear.
Anyway by following my guide nyall must understand the scary things that can happen kekeke. If my guide doesn’t work then that’s your personal issue.

How to induce Lucid Dreaming

  1. The night before this happens: This night should be a friday or a day before you get a day off. A day where you can sleep in with no responsibilities! Sleep early and make sure its a good rest. One where you pass out. You have to have at least 7 hours because that’ll help you get that REM sleep. If you can’t sleep then listen to ASMR or do a meditation. Set an alarm for 2 hours before you expect to wake.
  2. You have awaken! Make sure you don’t pass out completely. Be like half awake.
  3. Get in comfy position and don’t move your body parts! I recommend a side position because if you sleep on your back and get sleep paralysis, the demon can sit on your chest lol.
  4. Wow your body is asleep now! Your mind is hopefully still awake so start thinking about what you wanna dream
  5. Let your mind slip into subconsciousness. You can willfully wake up so that’s cool. This is your lucid dream so that’s all folks