Tulpas are sentient beings that are made with your mental powers. They have their own emotions and thoughts and they live in your FAT head. A person who makes tulpas can be called a tulpamancer. Tulpamancers have to nurture their tulpas by talking with them and imagining them a lot. Some tulpamancers make imaginary places where your tulpa can stay when they’re not with you. Basically, a tulpa is an imaginary friend times 1000! A manifestation of your desires..They’re only real if you believe. It’s kinda like a drug trip, they can be great or they can be terrifying, it’s based on the person’s thoughts.

Tulpamancy has existed for a long time and was associated with spiritual power. It came from Tibetan Buddhism and the monks would make tulpas in order to conquer phobias and other troubles. Tulpamancy resurfaced in the 2010’s because of some lonely 4channers. This tulpamancy is very different from the original though. People often use them for sexual purposes and don’t get rid of them after their use. Using them for sexy times is seen as a big taboo!

If you found this interesting than I recommend that you read more here. I just wanted to bring the topic up and I'm not gonna make a whole info page on that stuff. Personally I don't think anyone should try to make a tulpa, the consequences are dire. Just don't bend your reality please. T_T