The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I cannot deny, this is cringe even to my standards. Something in me says that this is useless and does NOT deserve to be a page. But then every other page would be useless right? Nyall follow me for a reason and that is to see beautiful rainbow content and a teenage girl's onion on media. Anyway in this essay I will be ranking each housewife throughout the seasons. I've watched all 10 seasons and reunions *smirk.

This show is...TRASH, seeing these rich white women fight is entertaining though, but a lot of things that I've seen are just morally wrong. Is it wrong to see and air what happens to these women? Nah I won't analyse society today. Let's analyse these wives instead :D

Oo I haven't used dis tag in a while NO PICTuRES THEY DONT DESERVE TO BE ON PUNCHY If you're a fan then you'd know