The main aspects of an Anthology series is that there’s new drama and characters every week. Personally, these are the ones that get most rage from me, which fuels me to watch more and more ;3. Usually if I hate something I stop engaging with it but Mexican anthologies are rooted deep in me..since my childhood. I used to enjoy watching these because hnnn the drama and then the moral of the story seemed nice. The shows I watched were supposed to be Catholic. I was a very religious child so I guess I felt that warmth of faith from them. Times have changed and I feel an annoyance towards them. The reason for that is because they are HYPOCRITICAl and DUMB OMFG. Sorry the mia in me came out, anyway their morals are bull dookie because none of those scenarios would happen in real life and they’re very sexual hisss.

La Rosa de Guadalupe

The rose of Guadalupe hehe. The formula of the episodes were like this:
  1. Person, probably a child is going through something bad
  2. Things get worse
  3. Pray, white rose appears “Where did this come from?"
  4. Things get fixed, the person’s hair blows in the wind with holy music playing while rose fades away The modern ones have the main character talking about the lesson behind a white screen

I watched these every week and loved them. The lessons would be simple: Kid is bullied, Dad is an alcoholic, Child is in danger, all of these totally relatable for your average latino. There was new episodes every week and as the writers tried to come up with new stuff, the lessons got weirder. The ones that tried to get out the norm would sometimes be criticized heavily. The ones that appear now are just really sexual and unnecessary, a contrast on their whole CATHOLIC theme. They need to realize that children are watching >:O.

There was this one episode that made me snap. It was about a group of girls who never liked doing their homework and their teacher would complain. On a night of the test they decided to do One Direction magazine quizzes instead of studying. In panic, they decided to get their parent’s sleeping pills and put them in the water pitcher that their teacher drank from daily. They wanted her to be asleep so that they didn’t have to do the test, if I were them I would’ve just tooken the L. Things go wayyy worse though. So the teacher drink its and the pills haven’t been processed yet, then their friend, a fuckin nerd, asks for some water. He drinks it and gets an allergic reaction caused by a chemical in the pills, which make him have a seizure. The teacher panics but the pills take her too, she falls to the ground, asleep. The whole class panics which slows down the whole emergency process and the ambulances probably comes in late. The kid ends up in the hospital and is brain dead from lack of oxygen since the paramedics didn’t get him on time. Literally everything are the girl’s fault. The episode ends with the girls crying and I don’t know if they got punished or not.
I don’t know why that episode got so dark and I don’t know what kind of lesson they were trying to convey. Study? Check your pills for chemicals that can make your friend seize? GOdam.

Come dice el dicho

"Like the saying says”. By saying they mean a proverb, specifically Mexican. At a time I thought this one was the better replacement for Rosa de Guadalupe. I was sorely mistaken though ahahah. I don’t know any of the proverbs but the stories were incher sting. Until they became way too sexual, probably for the ratings. At least they accept the gays though.


While at the dentist's office I had nothing to do so I watched Como dice el dicho. BRUHHH It was crap, but in a good way. So there was this poor girl who sold tamales and some rich boy fell in love with her. Then her grandma told him to fuck off because he's rich. That part was so stupid for me because if I was struggling and selling tamales in the street I would be GRAPEFRUIT that a richie rich would want my granddaughter! I'm not saying that I would marry my grandaughter off to the first rich boy she sees but I wouldn't be against the boy only because he's rich. The rich boy's brother was mean to his new girlfriends and then rich boy is disowned because of love. He ended up lived with them and would always go on his bike with the girl to sell tamales.

In the last 10 minutes of the show everything was going perfect, then his brother was speeding and ran over his own brother who was on the bike The show ended with all his loved ones crying. I gasped when the credits rolled. Why would they make all this complicated star-crossed lovers story just to show a lesson on safe driving with bikers???? That was literally the lesson "Los bicicletas deben tener espacio tambien" *bikes need space in the road too* Like omg sorry for going ham but wow.