Good Childhood Books

Hewwo everyone..it has been so long (one month) since I've wrote a page. I was sitting on my couch, eating a cheesecake from Jack in the Box when I suddenly became full of vitality. I was just thinking about my elementary school. I remember these old English textbooks full of stories that where actually good. I kinda went ham with the nostalgia, but I couldn't find them online. This list is the closest I can get to that ELA book :(.

The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear

cute mouse with his plump strawberry

First things first, the illustrations are amazing! I loved looking through the pages seeing that perfect red strawberry and the background objects. To this day I still crave that juicy fruit, I think we all have that inner bear. I also liked seeing the lil lifestyle of that mouse, with his ladder and small home. That mouse is pretty thick not gonna lie. I think thats why I feel a kinship with rodents :3. When it comes to plot it is pretty simple and nice. There is a lesson on sharing that makes you feel all peachy. Go buy this book for your kids come on.


This was one of the stories included in that textbook. It was about an imaginary town in a desert hill. I found the characters relatble because I too was an imaginative 9 year old. Seeing the stones marking their own spaces fascinated me. I wished I could of had my own little town in the open. The desert setting was kind of unsettling but it grew on to me, right now I'm still fantasizing about having home out in the country. The ending made me feel uhh bittersweet, I think it was implied that all the other friends died or something because the youngest character was real old :(. Maybe I just read the copyright date and assumed they were goners..

The Bedspread

a house and girls

Another story with GREAT, unique illustrations. It goes well with the story. It is about 2 old sisters who share a bed and decide to sew on their blankets. Both sides are beautiful and unique due to their techniques. Cottagecore amirite? The ending was bittersweet, but at least the blanket moves on with their memories. *screams and cries*


The illustrations were good in a dark way, also the writing sometimes. Every page had a new character and a story to go with them plus a lesson. Something about them made me feel hopeful in like a tungsten filter. It had a softness ya know? My favorite stories were the crab and lobster (my favorite lesson), the pig in the candy shop, and the fox with the ducks. I remember when my sister would read me these books and her interpretation of the fox was so funny. He was like "Hello Ladies`". Dam this book was an oldie, but a goodie.

More books coming soon!!