My boyfriend and I went on a fun lil adventure to San Francisco's Chinatown. There were many places to go, but unfortunately our time and budget was limited (awoo). We went throught the main entrance I think, The Dragon's gate and followed the same street for around .6 miles (not so big). We wanted to check out the stores along the way. Our final destination was this nice lil bookstore with stairs AND a basement. We took the train there, quite expensive for a young girl.

To start we had to walk 30 minutes to Chinatown from the train station, which is almost the equivalent to my daily walks to school. There were Starbucks in every corner but they weren't too full.

There were so many books but they were all painfully boring. Or maybe they'd be interesting if I read them one at a time, when theres so many options one gets bored T_T.