Happy Halloween Nyall!

Dam October went by really fast. I forgot about Halloween T_T warted pumpkinpumpkins

I went to some pumpkin patches and found these warty pumpkins. They didn't feel nice under my big hands. I visited them a week later and they were still there. No one wants a deformed pumpkin :(. Anyway, I bought 3 tiny pumpkins and a sugar pumpkin. They're hanging outside my beautiful home and I might eat them after halloween.

michael myers pin

Halloween tha movie

A big part of my childhood! I was in 3rd grade when I saw the Rob Zombie Halloween and praise da lord it was the alternate version. The original had a rape scene and no one would like that. Michael Myers was my favorite horror villain out of the big 3 because I only watched his movies and he was more chill. I've only seen the first Halloween (1978), the 2007 one, and the brand new 2018 one!
To be honest I thought the first one was kinda sucky because the actors looked too old to be playing teens and their speaking was odd (maybe thats how 70's kids talked ahah). No disrespect though!! The 70's kids prolly creamed their pants so its aight. It was "good for its time"-Wavy. The 2007 one was cool for lil Mia but it might be as bad as the critics said. The 2018 one was grrreat, I know Michael isn't dead, he's too strong and cool to be burnt crispy.

Halloween 2019

It was a memorable month, I remember feeling down for a bit because of a fight between friends and how I couldn't have as much freetime as I wanted. My parents took us out to some Pumpkin patch and I was trying to study for my comp sci test the next day and was feeling despaired. Before we left this HIDEOUS, warty, blotched pumpkin caught my eye and I bought it and I felt like myself again. Sometimes the small things in life can bring such joy.