Manhwas: Korean Graphic Novels

You know those Line Webtoon commericals that pop up while your watching Youtube? The ones that are really cheesy and have some girl fall in love with some fool? Well I downloaded the app and got hooked for some time. I still read my weekly chapters and today I'll be putting some of them down. They can be like any old comic except they actually use COLOR and I can scroll through them easily like a normal human!! NICE.

God of Highschool

The first Manhwa I read, the commercial for it was the one that dragged me into Line. I stopped at the first 100 chapters and then caught up to it last week (Febuary 1). Its really long but each chapter is beautifully drawn and the story was addictive. I personally like the power system, but I won't spoil!! One con is that theres 3000 plot twists and I got mad at the penultimate arc's ending. If you want a long ass action story with a detailed world and power system then you should give this series a try.

Update 9.1.2021: I change my mind do not get into this series. Do you know how fuckin stretched out it is? I wrote this like 2 years ago and they're still stretching out the final arc. I like to be dedicated but it got to a point were it was bullshit. No I don't care about you Mori Jin, go rot in your banana grave.


The premise of this story is how unattracive people are treated in society. It starts off with this teen who's bullied and he ends up having the power to switch his body to that of a handsome guy. As the story goes on there are more social issues introduced. I liked how it started and how the cast was. Ther was good character development and the arcs really had me on my toes. Up to where it is now the arcs feel like they get too long and theres uhh too much to take in. I would give this series 4 stars owo.

Update 9.1.2021: I change my mind again do not get into this series. I really thought there would be some kind of ending to this story. It would have been perfect if Daniel just merged bodies and found out about Crystal but NOOOO the creator just had to milk it and add some stupid ass gang warfare and crime arcs. It became so cheesy and terrible one fuckin star!!!

Spirit Fingers

I started this series just to pass the time while waiting for a ride and I'm still into it! Its relatable, sweet, and it gives off a genuinely good message. It's about a highschool senior girl who joins an art club full of wacky people-No skill required! Theres a lot of emotional moments (duhh its in the drama genre). Anyway go read it on Line. >83

Update 9.1.2021: The series ended several months ago and you know what? It ended perfectly unlike the other two. I guess what they say about "die a hero or live long enough to be a villain is true". All series should be ended nicely like this one. I still recommend Spirit Fingers so enjoy :3. Its truly underrated.

The Remarried Empress

This series is about an Empress who gets cheated on by her filthy husband so she plots her continuation as an Empress in another territory. The story reminds me of a telenovela with all its tropes. It may be things I've seen before but I still eat it up juicy! It makes me feel the rage towards certain characters. The art is nice and I like how things are going so far. I recommend this to anyone who likes stories revolving fictional royalty and dramatic plots. Everyone gets what they deserve. >:3

Your Throne

Another story about an empress or more like an empress wannabe. This story is about an ambitous royal girl who can switch bodies with another royal girl who is her friend. I don't want to explain anymore because theres lots to spoil. If you're interested in *bloody* dramatic royal girls who get their way then check this story out.