Manhwas are Korean graphic novels. One (in)famous manhwa nyall might know is Killing Stalking *boo hiss*. Recently I find myself enjoying these a lot. You know those Line Webtoon commericals that pop up while your watching Youtube? The ones with lots of BL, well that app is awesome and you should totally download it right now. I downloaded it like 2 years ago because the commercial was so epic and now I'm using it again. I really like them because the stories are epic but thats not unique. What's unique is that they usually use COLOR and I can scroll through them easily like a normal human!! NICE.

God of Highschool

The first Manhwa I read, the commercial for it was the one that dragged me into Line. I stopped at the first 100 chapters and then caught up to it last week (Febuary 1). Its really long but each chapter is beautifully drawn and the story is worth it. I like how unique the characters are and the power system is amazing. One con is that theres 3000 plot twists and I got mad at the penultimate arc's ending. Anyway I like almost every character and their design. Their fighting styles are sooo cool too, lately I've been researching martial arts because of it.
If I had to choose my favorite character it would be Daewi Han because he's chill, his borrowed power is cool, and he's attractive. Well it's deeper than that but I don't wanna make an essay dedicated to him so ya. I also find Samuel Rosinante attractive because he's latino and he has braces. His backstory is also kinda funny cause they called him a rat, it should be sad though. Another thing I like about this series is the multi-nationalities trope. Kinda stereotypical though but I like seeing a diverse cast, it's just how I am. It's a shame that no mexican has been mentioned. GO read the 397 chapter right now!!


I really did underestimate this one, even though it was the number one at Line. It deserves it's place there. All the characters are awesome and most of the males are attractive but hisss that shouldn't be my point! The main topic of this story is how unattracive people are treated in society. Theres lots of other social issues mentioned as well. I try to take the story's moral at heart but sometimes I slip up. The ugly characters in this story are usually good, talented people so I feel for them. I also like the arcs a lot because they are action-packed and make me feel the suspense. I totally forgot to mention this but the story is about an ugly kid that somehow gains the power to switch between two bodies and one of the bodies is super attractive so he sees the duality of how people treat him.
My favorite characters are Daniel Park:the main dude, Duke, Jay, and Zoey. Daniel Park is a genuinely good person and he's always trying to be a better person. Jay is very wealthy and uses it to help others and Duke is also a good person and he deserves better. I thought Zoey would just be a flirty girl but she got character development and I think she's really sweet. Go read it now.