Happy New Years

^^Happy nu years everone >83! I hope you guys had awesome times and totally new resolutions. I believe in all of you and I hope we can all be the best versions of ourselves!!1 I look forward to seeing NEOCITIES 2019 >83. This year will be epic.
I love reading about the Chinese Zodiac. This year is gonna be the year of the pig/boar. The pig represents luck, hard work, and other luxuries. So I guess if we all work hard, we can all prosper. (Idk I'm not an expert in this zodiac x3). It can also just mean luck for the fellow pigs aka people born in those years.

I feel like every year I get better but thats prolly because I'm still growing. Anyway my resolution is to do more exercise and be more social. I've made more friends in these last few months then all of last year T_T Which is uhh good start for now. I'm glad I took risks instead of closing myself off. School has been grrreat and I just need to start doing my homework earlier kekekeke. Anyway good luck to nyall. I hope nyall are as egg-cited as I am.

2020 August 8 My god a lot has changed, I was 15 when I wrote this lolol. Such a goofy kid, I mean I still am. Who would've known that I'd be way happier. I've made great friends and I'm proud of myself. Its good to see these pages. My own archive awoooo.