You might be thinking “What the fack is a paleta???” well it’s a delicious mexican popsicle. Anyway I used to eat tons of these as a kid. I don’t eat them anymore cause chips are more delicious and my throat is sensitive to cold things. This list will start from worst to best! By the way Mamey,Mango,Walnut, and Guava won’t be mentioned cause I’ve never tried em.

This is one of my oldest pages and I will, for sure, be making an update this summer! Once it's burning hot and I get my delicous popsicle to review.

Rum and Raisin

I’ve only tried this one once. I liked it until I got sum nasty ass raisins in my mouth. I hate raisins and they’re even worse when they’re frozen cuz they’re squishy + cold
5 outta 10 Mia stars


Ok strawberry is good but I hate how frozen strawberries taste like. I could’ve tolerated the flavor but theres disgusting chunks of frozen strawberry in there and I hate the how it feels.
5.5 outta 10 Mia stars


Chicle means gum BTW. I have an intense gum addiction so I liked this one a lot. Unfortunately I can’t remember the flavor so it probably wasn’t that good. I really like the color though
6 outta 10 Mia stars


I can’t remember how it tastes in popsicle form but I enjoy pecan ice cream kek. The nuts are aight.
6/10 Mia stars


Lime is a neutral flavor for me. It’s both sour and artificially sweet. If someone handed me a lime popsicle I’d probably eat it. If it was in those ice boxes with the other flavors then no.
7/10 Mia Stars

Arroz con leche

I love rice pudding a lot, both frozen and warm. It gives me happy memories. I think their might’ve been raisins inside but I don’t care. The sweet rice and texture makes up for it.
8/10 Mia Stars

Cookies and Cream

Dee-licious. You can never go wrong with cookies and cream. My sister liked it more than me though
8/10 Mia stars


OooO we’re getting close to the end! Vanilla is a good basic flavor. Just like cookies and cream, you can never go wrong with vanilla. Fun fact: Vanilla ice cream contains beaver anus glands (booty juice)
9/10 Mia stars


Coconut is true perfection!! God-tier uhhhh fruit. Great texture, beautiful scent, and grand flavor. I love coconut in all forms!1! This one was my mom’s favorite flavor. Even though I didn’t get it much as a kid, I really appreciate the flavor now.
10/10 Mia Stars