Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wew it's been so long since I've made an actual page! So sowwy nyall, its the school I swear. It takes work to have such dignified grades ya feel me. Soon I'll be applying to scholarships pls wish me luck.

Anyway happy thanksgiving to all of you, I hope you all had time to spend with family and had the luxury of enjoying pie. God I love pie, my mom let me get 1 pumpkin pie today and its so soft and perfect. We had pork ribs, beans, and mashed potatos for dinner. Usually I love ribs, but I couldn't enjoy the raw feeling of chewing it with two hands. I had to, instead, cry and rip off the meat with my fork because I have braces now. WOW braces..what news! I'm used to them now but I can't eat much good stuff with them. I don't think braces are an absolute need but it's a nice lil accessory. I feel cuter and I don't hide my teeth anymore when I laugh. Woohoooooo.

Sorry Thank you all for reading my rambles. I just go off topic like in real conversations, I view nyall like friends ya know? I'm thankful for you guys. I have a lot more things to be thankful for, like

  • having a healthy body
  • clear skin
  • the chance to eat good with my family
  • a pair of loving parents and siblings
  • my good looks
  • a nice bedroom
  • a close friend group
  • pumpkin pie
  • a heater
  • and finally my boyfriend

Sometimes you don't appreciate things until they are gone, for example eating hard things with your front teeth (the privledge of having brace-less teeth). Something I thought I'd lose was my laptop. I accidentally stepped on it and now there's a dark crack with stray pixels that lead to a void puddle. Oops, but I disabled touch screen mode so it's all good now. You know what's really gonna be gone now? Moshi Monsters!! I'm gonna add another part to one of my oldest gaming pages lolol. I'm pretty sure that every virtual platform of my childhood is gonna shut down. Flash is also gonna die but it can't really die when there's flash players around. It's gonna be like those electric heart machines. BXZZ BZXZZ ya know.

That's all for my thanksgiving page, this was more of a diary entry but I didn't pour my feelings out losers. I hope you all spent time with your loved ones and if you didn't well don't feel too bad. Just reflect on some positives in your life and grow from the negatives. Peace OUT- Big Mia

twisted turkey dancing