Ho! Ho! Ho! I hope nyall had a fantastic, totally awesome, Christmas! My family usually celebrates it on the eve at 12 am (because its Christmas morning teehee). This Christmas eve was very uhhh funky. I got really sick with some virus and couldn't eat anything! Big Mia became Skinny Mia and my poor, long legs ached. Luckily my dad finally gave me some medicine so I got healed on time. Going to the doctor is for cowards. Anyway I opened my presents at 10 pm because my family and I are impatient. We took tons of xmas family pics and it was painful because I hate getting my pictures taken!!! Ironically, I recieved a totally cool Canon camera so now I can take pictures of everything and show it to nyall. I look forward to all the things I'm gonna add to the Photography section >:3.

Another thing I received was a screen display tablet! I'm very happy cause now I can do more digital art and show it off to my amazing audience (you guys duh). Expect updates in the Art page ;3. I also got a pink sweater, very desu~

I have so many good memories of Christmas. Back then my family would spend the night at my cousin's house or vice versa. Now we get sick every year in December so no more of that. In first grade I got a ladybug pillowpet which I kept for 7 years until my sister made me throw it away. I still have my Christmas teddy which happens to be older than my brother lolol. Times are changing, so I must cherish the last few Christmas-s I'll get with my entire family TwT

Once again, I hope nyall had good times with your families. I hope you guys got tons of presents and if you didn't...well thats ok because I'll still give happy thoughts 2 you. I hope you guys ate lots of delicious foods. I heard that Christmas food is very delicious but I'll never have them because I'm mecksican >:O.

Oh and happy birthday Jesus ;3