Adventure n Adventure

MM YA! Number 1 best genre. I wanted to split the categories in two, but it required too much thinking power. Most of these have a nice balance between the 2 genres and they're easy to understand. You can spend a good afternoon playing these *quality* games like I did when I was young and easily impressed.

Bloons Tower Defense 4

Not gonna lie..I still find myself going animal and playing this game for a whole hour. I've actually been in a delay for this page because of my reignited LOVE for this game. I've always loved tower defense games and the first one of the btd series was the main *flash* pioneer for the genre. It gives me pride seeing my screen full of bloons getting DESTROYED by my monkeys. For those who don't know, a tower defense game involves waves of enemies that are trying to reach your territory, you need to protect your territory by putting defenses along the path the enemy is moving in. Anyway play this game!! theres many versions of it, my favorite being the expansion pack *snirk. BTW your PC might start breathing after many rounds.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

This game is so epic, it has it in its name. Definitely the cause of my passion for RPGs!! It has a crazy amount of game mechanics that can pull you in for 18 hours of walking and grinding. There's 6 biomes (excluding the factory hehe), with a variety of enemies that are all assigned to some of the 10 elements in the game. It has good customization options, but you have to stick to some outfits in order to have resistance towards certain elements T_T. You also need to do lots of quests for the dumb npcs, but at least you earn medals and items for doing so. Items are used for either forging, attacking (like 5), or healing. The only issues I'd have for this game are the repetive waves and the use of Nazi imagery for one character, it can be easily avoided since it's not the default. I hate Lance..he can stay in the back. Personally, I think this game is the best out of the 5 even though the 3rd ranked higher for some reason. The 5th game has a new artstyle that I'm not really fond of, I haven't tried it out yet and I'll probably never do. Play HERE.

Ultimate Assasin 3

This game is fun for sneaky gremlins, like me. Theres tons of levels and the main objective is to assasinate duhh without getting killed. If the guards (the blue dudes) find you or the body then the alarms go off and they go ham. You can't escape during until the alarm stops. There's lots of levels and you must be patient cause then those nosy ass guards start shooting you. If you lose they will roast you. Assasinate someone here.

Achievement Unlocked 3

My sister was a big fan of the first 2, I didn't get too excited for those tbh. This one features more plot in my onion and the artstyle is more PUNCHY. That elephant looks so cute and those lil outfits he can wear..OOooo boy!! You need to unlock achievements by doing easy tasks and then feed that fat ass guinea pig King Hamster. Towards the end, the tasks get more and more complex, but not impossible. The only problem would be tha lag on this game cause that achievement bar goes up and down like a crazy elevator. Play HERE Off topic but damn I used to consider this game new (2012) T_T.

LOOT the game

Another game featuring my blue beloved elephant, worth your time since it’s pretty short and fun. You’ll be on the run, going ham on trains one by one, except when you reach a tunnel where they offer you blood bags. You have to destroy all 100 trains and be collecting better armor and weapons that run along the tracks. As you can see I was on the verge of winning, but I took a snip snop of the scene an got cruelly blasted. Since it was the last train I guess they didn't accept restarts so I lost the game. T_T Get ready to die 20 times in a row, don't get attached to any weapons- damage is always better than rarity or cats and always be moving hehe. T_T. Play here.