Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Go animal!

Welcome to my island, MiaBia! This is my favorite game at the moment and I spend lots of time on it. Yes I timeskip, yes I'm living in July 7..walk away! There so much to love nyall should know how much I love cute things and customizing. I've had a lotta adventures, attacks, and friendships. I pay my loans in a timely manner and I probably should've put a spoiler warning but what kinda loser clicks this without expecting that?

Right know I'm working on breeding flowers and getting new fruit. I only have pears n oranges. My flowering business is going exceptionally well tho, pink flowers and blue POPPY. I swear the blue poppy was an accident. I would like a cat villager pls. My dreamie obviously being PUNCHY. AAaaa I forgot him. mrghft

September 21 2020

Village Facts
Native FruitPear
Villager ListAgent S, Stitches, Punchy, Octavian, Hamphrey, Clay, Scoot, Flora, Jambette, Knox (Dark SOuls omg)
Past VillagersTammy, June, Boone, Beardo, Astrid, Judy
Rating5 stars woohoo baby address will be provided soon!

Animal Crossing has been a great n fun game! Make your own experience and enjoy your animal friends. I gives me such happiness I go foolish, I love Agent S. I love wearing the strawberry hat. PunCHY OUT-->