Dark Souls 3


So I got this game on Xmas roughly 2 years ago. I just beat it last month!! (172 hours) It was insane I tell you,

The reason why I took so long was because of the Twin Princes of Lothric and their stupid godamn healing spells. I was stuck on them for 1 year and 7 months and I'm not joking! I think every month I would try to fight, lose, and then stop playing until the next month. I had to summon an NPC in the end in order to win. The worst part is that when I went to check if I could summon allies in the dark souls wiki someone in the comments said no and I believed it for the rest of the year. Those wiki hoes just say anything and I'm pretty embarassed for believing them. By the time I beat them I was at level 120 and you're supposed to be level 70-80 when you do. My cousins fuckin laughed at me when they found out. AWOOOOOO

Besides that I enjoyed the game. It was nice running around and exploring and dressing up. I never learned how to parry but I don't need to because I have my big massive Greatsword. The other weapons I used were the Great Machete and the cat claws (with bleed effect). Those claws were GOOD I tell you! I used them to kill the Soul of Cinder. I loved seeing the burst of blood come out of Lorian because it reminded me of his pathetic mortality >:3. If you weren't able to tell I was doing a strength build

The bosses that I stuggled the most with were the Great Rotwood Tree, The Twins (duh), Aldrich, and Champion Gundyr. The Tree because my weapon was the caca halberd, Aldrich because I died too much and had to change my outfit several times. Champion Gundyr also messed me up emotionally even worse than the Princes because with the Princes I just felt hopeless because I couldn't do it, but with Gundyr it was pure rage because he always fucked me up in the final phase. At one point I was screaming so much that I control myself and scream in the inside which caused me to implode. That caused a pain in my stomach that didn't leave until two days later.

Considering my rage issues I fought most of the bosses with npcs and summons except the easy ones. Thank you very much Theodore and Thunder :3. My favorite boss was the Crystal Sage because of the music and the Dancer because it didn't take long to mess her up.

I was thinking of continuing to NG+ but I fucked up really bad. Basically I assumed that my whole character would restart and before I starting a new game I wanted to heal the Dark Sigil. In order to do that I had to get a large sum of souls so I sold everything except my sword, claws, and the armor on my body. Now I'm in the new game and I lost everything and I don't know if I'll get it back.