The GameCube

The GameCube was the first game console my family had! We used to rent games from Blockbusters and all that. My sister played Mortal Kombat, but I literally can't remember that. She was less then 10 and my dad who didn't know english didn't check the games rating. EPIC. Anyway we owned 4 games that I can remember, which I will be mentioning in this page DUHH! I was only 4-6 when we used it.

The Ant Bully

Only my sister played this one because I was too dumb to understand the controls because I didn't know how to READ. I liked the 3D visuals cause they looked squishy and satisfying. The sounds were odd too, thats what remember. We never finished the game for some reason. It was just weird and the only fun part was throwing the ant larvae.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Weird title, since it isn't a MOVIE. I also didn't play this one much because I was too dumb. I liked the title music and watching the 3D characters move stimulated my young, FAT brain. We never finished the game because the save file was broken or something (maybe she was too dumb to save). The game would restart and we would only reach the level: "Rub a Dub Dub, Slip Slide in the Tub". Eventually, we passed that and reached level 9, "Rock Slide". We never went beyond that (there was 18 levels), which is BIG LOSS.

Metroid Prime

metroid prime cover

Of course I didn't play this one! It was too scary and all I remember was that horrifying shrimp Samus encircled. My sister was really into that game and she's still into the Metroid series (nostalgically). Unfortunately she never passed the game, not even with our dad's help T_T. He was one inch from cooking that boss shrimp crispy. So sad!
After some research I found out that the shrimp, AKA Parasite Queen was the first boss, meaning that we never had a chance of beating the game.

Space Raiders

space raiders cover art

Yee finally a game I actually got to play! This one is extra special to me because it was my first video game!! I was 5 years old and it lead me to the path of being an EPIC gamer. I enjoyed the gameplay, creature designs, and music. The gameplay was easy especially cause of the infinite replays with no consequences. For gamers who weren't in kindergarten, it was repetitive and a pathetic remake. When I saw all the poor reviews I thought "Dam these video game elitists". Then I saw the actual gameplay and realized that they were right, but even if they're right about the poor quality, bad voice-acting, dumb storyline, and easy gameplay, I will still cherish this game in my BIG heart. Nostalgia really be like that T_T

I would give this game uhh 6 outta 10 Mia stars because it looks like it still provides 1(one) afternoon of fun and the music still gives me the chills. Plus it has those guys above...


catwoman cover

I honestly don't know how I forgot this masterpiece. Catwomen was so very attractive and I liked seeing her crawl around. It was actually hard and we never passed it (again). I always liked watching the movie as a kid and I haven't watched it again recently so I'll just pretend it's good despite being an Epic fail. I can still vividly remember the opening of this game. I still think about that kitten in the vent.

Anyway I got tired of the GameCube and then I got a wii for Xmas. The poor thing was forgotten and then sent to Mexico..never to be seen again.