League of Legends

Read past tha dividers for League-talk

I am back to the days where I write my pages on the get-go, on whim, from scratch. It is pretty sloppy but it motivates me ya know? Ever since this cursed quarantine I'm stuck at home. Sure its fun to lay around and eat pumpkin pie and watch Total Drama Island, but it feels wrong. I feel as if I should be doing more as a rising student. I know its all gucci though, because we all were stuck at home at some point and there really isn't much to do. The one thing I am proud of is that I taught my brother to read!! I am so proud of him even though he says he doesn't like it and he calls himself a math wizard.

If I were a nice, neat person I would put this in a blog page, but I think its kinda fun for a stranger to stumble upon this page and seeing the history. You have to like it >:3.

I was introduced to League by my wonderful boyfriend. He kept ranting that it was toxic and horrible and yet he still played it like a fool. Lots of gamers play games and scream and get mean but they always come back for more.
I cannot deny that once I picked up on it I got addicted x3. I could imagine the towers and minions before I slept. Like that Flappy-bird dude.

I reached level 29 before I "stopped". As I type this I'm not sure if I'm gonna come back to the game or not. It really is fun but not when you're losing and your teammates are saying obscenities and then you get stunned and you fall off your stool in real life.

The Fun!

As soon as I started I knew that Jinx was the one, only because she was the only one that I knew and an acquaintence kinned her lol. Jinx is pretty, bright n colorful, happy and un poco loco. Fast-paced things are soo fun and when her minigun starts gettin fast I really go ham. I ended up getting the Star Guardian skin too and AWoooO its perfect. I feel like a kid in the candy aisle cause I really fall for these things. Its fun being girly >8^3

My other "main" was Yuumi, this super cute cat. Her voice lines remind me of MLP, like she really belongs in a kid's show. She's too adorable and she be meowing. I remember in 3rd grade I used to pretend to be a cat so when I see Yuumi I get that connection. Nostalgia? Role-playing? It's me going back to my roots hahaha. Anyway not to brag or anything but I also have her Heartseeker skin and I got an S- on her. BTW I made the Yuumi stamp so you won't get that anywhere else fools.

Don't play League! It's bad for tha health and Lux is pure evil the most horrible thing I've ever seen.