I first played Tekken with my cousins in 2014? It was Tekken 6 and I sucked because I didn't know how to use tha controls. Of course I got the hang of it later and BEAT my cousins bloody in that game. They never played again after my visit since the game was old and dusty compared to their much flashier xbox 360 games.

The thing I like most about Tekken is their beautiful cast. I used to play Mortal Kombat, but the tone was different T_T. Tekken is more bright and has cuter girls. The only thing that Tekken lacks is the totally gory fatalities. *evil*

Tekken 7

Now this is the *real* game I actively play. For some reason I never finished campaign mode even though that's the first thing I do when I get a vidya game. My favorite thing is the store and I use it a lot to customize my beautiful fighters. It doesn't help with the gameplay, I just love customizing. I main Lili and Yoshimitsu.


I reached level 25 in treasure battle with her. Her combos are real easy and that makes her a low tier character according to gamers. I don't really care about tournaments and the "best" characters. It should depend on the player not the character >:3.
To be honest I didn't care for her much until I found out that she recieved lots of hate from the community. That attracted me and I use her more now. She's easy to use and has the best outfits >83.
He's a really funky character, I love him!! :3. I like how he moves around and uses those katanas. He straight up walks on them like a chicken. His alien design is so sick. Yoshimitsu forever!!

I don't like writing about things I hate, but I HATE THIS HORRID CREATURE. It has won more battles than I have and I think the creators boosted its power as a bot to humilate innocent players like me. This ugly panda will see the consequences one day!!!!!!