Hakaine Maiko

My number one favorite utauloid. An utauloid is like a Miku but free "shareware" yeah I'm not explaining it. Anyway Hakaine is a screamo voice bank derived from Maiko the lead singer of Dazzle Vision. Hakaine Maiko is pretty obscure and I first found out about her in a 90 utauloid compilation on youtube that was originally posted in NicoNico. Its pretty old and I would cry if it got taken down. Click Here and skip to 2:11. I tend to skip to that part often because I just love it. I love her sound. Hakaine Maiko is an important memory to me, she changed me for real. She introduced me to Dazzle Vision and I just love her design.

I'm pretty obssessed with the 10 second Shinkai Summit cover she did and I've tried finding it with no results. I even investigated on NicoNico. There are very few songs of hers on Youtube and I knew some got taken down. I think its the Butterfly cover with the dead bird sounding utauloid. Utauloids are pretty incher sting on their own actually nyall should look into them. Update: found it, it was the Magnet cover here

CHECK OUT MIKUSABBATH!!! It just came out 4 days ago and the composer is soo good! They did everything and they're really talented!1!! CHECK OUT THEIR CHANNEL! It reignited my love!! I might contact them for a commission but I'm pretty shy. I'll let yall know about that later