Mana is the bestest rock band ever! I pray to one day go to their concerts. American bands have nothing on them I don't listen to any american rock bands so I literally don't know I like them cause they:

  • Sound grrreat
  • Songs have nice messages
  • They're Mexican (i'm biased duh)
  • Good childhood memories

Aren't these the coolest guys you've ever seen? Not like those pasty soyboys hahahah. My favorite album is the 4th one"Cuando los Ángeles Lloran" 8^3c. My favorite songs were "Ana" and "Antifaz". All the songs are great though! They've won tons of awards *smirk

I remember listening to "Lluvia Corazon" (rain heart?lolol) and its a really nice. Anyway theres this part where the dude goes "Wooo oo WOOOOOAAAAW ooooO" and I thought it was funny until my sister told me that the song was dedicated to his mom and he was mourning so I started crying kek. The singer's voice reminds me of an old sheep dog cause its really raspy and loose? Anyway stan mana! If you don't know spanish well uhhhh enjoy the guitar.