Rico Nasty♫

Riiiiico Nasty!!! Such a sick name! I feel it I really do. If I could I’d be “Mia Nasty” but I’m Big Mia so no. When I first heard the name I assumed it was a dude and when I found out who was behind it I was intrigued. She was gorgeous and I really liked her sense of style. After listening to her music I decided that she would be my idol. She's so pretty, my alt queen! Her energy is what I strive to have >:3. I like her voice, it's raspy in a good way. I can’t wait till she rises to the top!

3-19-2019 Now that I know her more, I can say that I love her. Her vibes are really positive and I love how she talks. Like when she says "Kenny" in the start of her songs. It reminds me of some of my friends :3.

Fave Songs

Key Lime OG

I like the rhythm of the song and how she talks about fighting someone. The aggression is cool and I didn't know what key lime og was (plot twist its w**d). The music video was edited nicely and her dance moves were good. All the outfits in the video were beautiful..I wish I could wear em.


The way she sounds is EPIC!! I can feel her rage and once again I love how she moves. The video effects are kinda painful in a good way! The chains, fire, bats, and glitchs..scary ya know? Her outfit is also A+++ and I love how her hair is down. It looks nice and emits confidence. The metal aspect is what I love the most, nyall know how I am.


Reminds me of a vidya game. I like the lyrics and her use of autotune. The part where she says "Don't hide I can always come and find ya" is my favorite.


Did I ever tell nyall how much I love these covers? Anyway the beat + rtythm of this song is really nice!! The video is pretty funny too and I love how she sings. The filter is old-ish and she does some crimes with these two ladies.

  • Iphone:Her latest song, stream it NOW! It's different but it's stuck in my fat head now.
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I think I'm gonna change the format of this page. Do some side bars you know? soon..

Fun fact: The font used in "Rage" looks really similar to the font I use now. "Art Dystopia". Epic coin dance. I had to pause 400 times in this flashing video until I realized that I could've just changed the speed to .25. T_T

The font in "Rage" is more curved and scary X_X

What an icon!! Check out her website it's sick WOO