Slipknot is the bestest boy band in the world. I love Slipknot because the music sounds good. Nu-metal forever YYEYAYAA!!! The lead singer sounds great and his masks are a unique beauty. I've always had a thing for guitars and horror films. He did his time and he wants out.

Corey Slipknot

Very attractive
Slipknot has some uhhhh deep lyrics. Like "I push my fingers into my eyes". When I was 9 I accidently poked my eye so I know what they mean. My favorite songs are "People=Shit" and "Psychosocial" even though I like people and I like being social. I don't know much about the members except for Corey Slipknot, the lead singer. Maggots, you know?

Ok I'm gonna be honest, this page SHOULD be called Corey Slipknot because he's the one that I pay most pay attention too. I'm so sorry spike head and Mick Thompson and Clown and Craig, I know that nyall are also part of the band but you know how it is. Corey is just the cool one and the leader singer durr.

3-19-19 In recent news, the nose guy AKA Chris Fehn got kicked out of Slipknot. Big loss because he was my 3rd favorite member. He played the uhhh beer keg (lol). Also not to be mean and obvious but Corey has a FAT NECK hajajaha.

2-1-23 I just found out that Corey Taylor is NOT an OG MEMBER OF SLIPKNOT!! He didn't join until 1997 and he had his own band. I assumed Stone Sour came after Slipknot because he wanted to establish his image but its the other way around. I AM SO shook by this news. I am not a fake fan though because look he sang in all the albums and the way he talked in interviews made him seem like the owner for real. Am I not wrong? It was a PR move for real.