My Edgy Dream Journal

I get lots of funky dreams and I often have long conversations about them with people in my totally cool life. Anyway I'm sharing them with nyall so be grateful. Do dreams have meaning? Well subconsiously, yes because if you sleep worried then that'll probably manifest into a nightmare. Most of my nightmares happen when I spend the night crying and worrying, so you know how it is. Sometimes dreams exaggerate though for no reason. For example I've been killed many times in my dreams and nothing has happened to me...yet. So don't worry if something scary happens lololol.

June 13,2022

I was hanging out with a random dude and he told me to give this medication to a snake when it comes. I said sure and anticipated the snake coming so I can give him the medication. Unfortunately the snake came in a hostile way, he slithered up to me and as I reached in my pocket to give it to him he slithered into my mouth and started talking in my mouth. I can feel its voice echo and ring next to my ears as it asked "where is it". Of course I panicked and couldn't even talk. It was violating and I pulled the medication out. It left and took it away. I didn't expect that encounter.

May 5-7, 2019

I was in a coastal hill, there were some shallow areas of water with strange fish in them. The most memorable was a black eel with a walnut textured head that seemed hollow with a few spines in it. The eel was probably longer than I was, had no eyes, and was pretty aggresive. It tried nip at my ankles but it couldn't leave the water. Later I went uphill to a steep area with faucets. It took a bit of strength but I managed to twist them, dirt and dead plants fell out with some precious items. There were golden necklaces with some initials on them. I went around to turn all the faucets on so that more items would fall out. When I went back to the first faucet, the ground was overflowing with water and I tried to turn all the faucets off. I was too weak and the water formed a path to where those eels lived, I had to walk through the water with those pesky beasts. Out of nowhere my P.E teacher came and turned them all off. He explained why I shouldn't of done that and as he spoke I lost all the items I collected. sucks...

TW:mentions of vomit

I was in a minecraft server with all my camping friends, they flew around in creative mode through the savana and badlands biome. We were inside my mansion, building quickly. My stomach began to hurt and I kept telling them "Guys wait up, my stomach hurts!!". Those fools didn't listen and left me behind. 2 of them tried to let me catch up but eventually they gave up. 10 minutes later, I wake up at 1 am with actual, intense stomach pain. I ran to the bathroom and vomitted the poisonous Marshmallow Mateys cereal. Sick...

April 20, 2019

I yearned for a room to myself, one that I could fully customize. Technically I did have a small portion of a shared room but that wasn’t enough. I convinced my parents to give me my sister’s side, which was way larger compared to my area. The room was in the west side instead of the east. I was pretty happy and I went ham getting things for my room. The same feeling I had when I was in that Japanese mall. My perspective was like a Stardoll, I clicked and dragged the things in my room.

Everything was pleasant, until I noticed something behind the bed. It was a small door and I had to crouch a lil to get through. It was another full room, the ceiling was low and there was another small door. I decided to be selfish, so I claimed the room for myself. As I went through the other door another room appeared with a lower ceiling and small door. I did this 7 times, each time the ceiling got lower to the point that I was crawling. Less light was entering and I felt a sense of dread. I saw one more door , but I didn’t want to open it. I was in a warm tone, but it gradually became tungsten filter.

I went back to the first room and continued decorating, I did this to the rest of the rooms and they looked cute in my eyes. To be honest they weren’t, but dream me was happy. I decided to contact some house researcher or whatever. She came over and looked exactly like a telemarketer, with her brown pony tail, headset, and cheeriness. She started to brag about my home lore saying that it has the most ‘secret’ tunnels. She looked so proud even though I was the one living in it. When she left I worked up the courage to open the final door. The room was pitch black and the light from the room I was in leaked through, revealing another door.

March 2?, 2019

I was either the protaganist which was a little girl or a witness of the events that occurred. It was like a parody of the movie Birdbox, but the creatures were different. Instead of seeing it and then killing yourself the creature would make you kill your loved ones or maybe just people near you. The motivations were all different, but I could only remember one.

I was with who I assume was Malorie and Tom from Birdbox and some lil blonde girl. They were distorted by my subconsious so they were different of course. We were all stuck in small home with white walls and dark furniture. We would argue a lot, especially Malorie because she was sooo cautious. Ironically she was the one that got lured by the creature. When we tried to confront her she was like "I read everything, I know what y'all are gonna do to me.".

I have a feeling that the creature's appearance was that of a book because when I woke up I thought of that paper SCP that made you slit your wrists and write into it. Y'all are probably thinking that that's irrelevant but I KNOW how my brain works..always giving me clues, ya know? Anyway the dream ended with Malorie going ham on us so Tom shot her and we fled.

March ??, 2019

A short dream that occured before 6 am..

It was an afternoon. I decided to change my instagram description to some weird quote 𝖑𝖎𝖐𝖊 𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖘 with z̩̥̃̍̋͗å̰̍̈̔l̯̘̬̼̤͆ͩ̒̇͟g̱͙̮̙̺̼̤̉̉̍o̦̙̣͈̐͋͝ ̖͍̤̖̝̰ͪ̍ͪ͡t͑ͩ́̂͗ͪe͈̲͚͖͉̓͞xͮ̄͊ͥ͑̍̓t̑ͦͧ̄̈ͪ͏̗ . After I changed it an old classmate of mine messaged me asking me to "Please explain it" and "Make it easier to understand". I didn't listen to him, so I went on with my day. In the evening I sat on the couch and my mom got a message from my algebra teacher who taught me last year. He told her to please have a talk with me and that I had to change my description. I don't know how he found out cause my instagram is PRIVATE. Either way my description is none of his beeswax!!

December 28,2018

This dream took place in an unknown mall with multiple Japanese stores. This dream also happened in a span of 2-3 hours since I woke up at 11 am. I can't tell if it was a lucid dream or not but it was really fun. I have a feeling that I consciously contributed to the outcome. Of course my FAT brain came up with the rest.

First, I was walking through the mall in a euphoric state. I had roughly 15-35 dollars and I was alone (and so was the mall for some reason). Anyway, I entered the store and tried to come up with a strict budget since there were other japanese stores around. The store was huge and had about 4 workers. It was full of all those colorful, delicious foods. First, I got some strawberry cones and other crap I can't remember. I started feeling really agitated because I obviously passed my budget. I almost left the store until I saw the drink's fridge in the left corner.
The setting reminded me of a library because there were average-height shelves that covered me.

When I saw ramune, in various colors and I knew I HAD to buy them!! My bag was heavy and full so I went on the floor and started stacking those gorgeous glass bottles. The workers grew suspicious of me and slowly monitored me. Kinda like an assassin video game. In the corner of my eye I saw a neon green melon drink. I don't care about those in real life but in the dream I became desperate. Finally, I ducked under the shelves and began chugging all the drinks. The store manager saw me and began screaming. Knowing that I've been caught, I thought to myself "Whats the point?" and ran out the store with all the snacks. The 4 workers ran after me. Was I caught? I don't know!

Next I was a different person , a(n anime?) girl with a maid outfit and bobbed hair. I wasn't in the body of the person, I was controlling it. My hair was an ashy purple and I worked for a hotel or a big store right next to the store Mia just robbed. There was an old lady and some man who was probably my boss. I was in trouble for some reason and I had 2 choices: escape (the consequence was getting brutally murdered by my boss) or stay (my boss would be pleased by my loyalty). My perspective was similar to those escape-the-room games. One of the rooms had a Smart TV or maybe a FAT-screened computer that gave me the option to call for help. Me, being the typical Mia, decided to play a game on it instead. The game was called "Starcrossed" and I had to shoot at stars, bullet-hell style. It was odd because my player had to shoot down the screen instead of up. There was also a tentacle creature under the bed.

I have a hard time remembering the person-shift, but I assume I was the real me now. The details are really vague but there was a terrible crime in the next store. Now that I think of it, it was probably the maid me from the last perspective or the old lady. The police accused me but I know I didn't do it. The police contained me in the store so I walked around. They didn't let me buy anything T_T. I went to a store that was across the food store I just robbed. This store had anime merchandise and some weapons. I talked with the store owner (or maybe just the cashier). He had ginger hair and a kitsune mask. Finally the police went into the store and decided to arrest me. I went all detective mode and claimed that the cashier did it because he had an alternative set on the ceiling. The police looked up and saw the rainbow kitana and kitsune mask (so beautiful omg). I literally don't know how the items correlated with the murder but the cashier decided to snitch on himself. I hope we had an epic fight because I can't remember how the dream ended.

November 22,2018

Sometimes my dreams have uhhh lore. Like an established fact that Dream Mia accepts in that world. In this dream my friends and I would share a bike to go home from school. Everyday I would fall off the bike because it wasn't big enough to fit all of us and I was always on the end. Imagine 4 people on one bike? Stupid.. Anyway, I would fall and my friends would laugh and bike away.

One 'day' in my dream (no concept of time in tha real world), we were biking and when it was time for me to fall it was very shitty. It had been raining so I was wet and I slipped on the mud. I landed hard and that caused my STRONG android phone to snap in half horizontally. Dream Mia was really pissed and felt dirty. Then, I noticed a large amount of smoke on the big corner house in the front of my street. The glow of the fire was purplish like those tumblr aesthetic photos. As I turned the corner to walk into my street I saw the firefighters pouring something and then the house exploded. It was probably gasoline which was really stupid of them. Anyway I saw the people burning and screaming in front of me. That wasn't good to see :O. I woke up cold and numb. Can someone be traumatized from their own dream? T_T

November 11,2018

It was a busy, sunny day. Some business people parked at our house in their tinted-window trucks. I assumed there was some family business going on because all the adults talked in hushed tones. My parents were in the the hall and my dad told my mom "I have to tell you about *dance move*". Yea he danced instead of saying what he was gonna talk about. He did a lil wave or twirl with his shoulders. I glanced at my sister and her eyes filled with tears and I said "Bruh what does *dance move* mean?". No one told me what it meant T_T Then my dream split. In the second part I woke up and was telling a group of people about my dream, my crush was there but he wasn't paying much attention. Some other things happened that I can't remember. I woke up with fear.

October 18,2018

It was a cloudy day. It might've been Christmas. I was chilling in my cozy home until I noticed a man outside my house. He looked like that clown from Slipknot and he wore a filthy white tracksuit. I told my dad and he was like "don't worry I'll tell him off". My dad went outside and never came back. It was implied that my dad was killed by the clown so I ran to close the door but he came inside. I think either the clown kept killing me and I was revived multiple times or they were scenarios I thought of. I took my brother to hide in the attic and the clown chainsawed me. THE END (can't beileve my idol killed me)

June 13,2018


A feminine entity was a guest in my home. She was immortal like that Tomie girl. She got bored so she started to cut herself. Then she began to cut her face up. She kept regenerating though. Seeing her doing that stuff started to get on my nerves. The last straw was when the entity tried to cut her head off through her mouth. At that point I ran to the bathroom cuz I was scared. The sink was very filthy. It had long hairs, dirt, and dark brown liquid. Maybe old blood? When I opened the door she was standing outside, waiting for me with a knife!! I quickly shut the door and saw a tiny lil knife in the sink. I picked it up and slowly opened the door again. I was totally ready for a fight x3. Anyway, she was still outside but with no knife. She laughed and told me to 'chill'. Then we went to the living room and talked. At the end of my dream it was implied that I died.

Old dream???

I don't have a lotta dreams that I can vividly remember. I think this one was pretty cool so I'll share it. I was being followed by SCP-106. It was like an endless game of hide and seek. Luckily he always walked so I would sprint at last minute. He would randomly go through the walls while I was in my room. He managed to catch me 2 times. The first time because he lunged while I was trying to get out my FAT window, the second time was because his 'girlfriend' (she literally looked like him) joined so the 2 cornered me. Totally not fair!!