Everskies is this new (came out last year I believe) virtual world with lots of fashions and dolls and drama. I used to play on sites like these all the time like The Doll Palace (RIP) and Dollzmania. I can see that the bases literally come from Dollzmania but I guess they have the copy rights to do that OwO.

I do enjoy being on here but I wouldn't touch the forums with my pointer finger stick! I am not lying, its energy is satanic and evil and everything I've ever read on there gave me brain rot. I am so glad that this hellsite wasn't made when I was 14 because I definitely would've been caught up in all that mess and I would be an even more cringe person today. There's a reason why people refer it as the "Tiktok site". Not only that but the mods are pretty ignorant and tend to get its user base angry. Awooooo

Like most of the virtual worlds I've been in I have already amassed a great fortune, not quite yet a billionare but I have enough to keep me happy. Add me @slipknots. I'm pretty active on there so nyall can shoot me a message there. I uninstalled discord a while ago.

Some of my favorite fits. The third one is based off the punk GirlGoGames girl, if you know you know. >:3