Cool Flowers!!

I had a really big flower-phase during 3rd or 5th grade. I memorized a lot of their names and enjoyed seeing their variations. Flowers are pretty sick because they make themselves attractive for us. They emit those sexy scents and use bright colors. Anything for pollination ya know? They can also be poisonous for some reason which is fucked up, but still cool. Imma list some of my favorite ones in this page. Most of my favorite ones are based on uhh sentiment because ALL flowers are pretty looking so I don't want wanna list them all. Not ranked or anything.

BTW I'm going to add some of my own photos soon. I took some nice ones.


forget me not

I was surprised when I saw these in real life. They were really small and cute and had a nice shade of blue. My camp instructor told me that they could stick to clothing, so I spent the rest of the trip sticking them all over my clothes like a buffoon. Fun fact: this is Alaska's state flower. I wonder how Alaska has flowers since its so fuckin cold omg. I saw these in my most recent camping trip, but couldn't pick on any of them since I was always at the end of the group.



Look at that magnificent shade of pink! I like how it has a swirly, pinwheel-like uhhh design. (Who designed it? well God duhh). On my way to school I walk by their thick bushes. They are very poisonous and cause terrible things like bloody diarrhea. Very few people have died from eating these. I used to eat flowers so praise da lord that I didn't find these. Plus the leaves are described as "bitter" so they would've been nasty.



Speaking of eating flowers... These are soooo delicious!! The stem has a nice sour taste! I don't eat the bud because that has the seeds. They can come in yellow, pink, and white. So far I've only seen yellow. It's actually a weed, but who cares. I used to eat them in bunches of four, but not anymore. I also thought they were clovers.

big mistake
Oh shit oh fack

Golden Poppy

Golden poppy

The bestest flower from the bestest state. The color is vibrant and its petals so silky smooth. I liked picking them at my school until my teacher told me it was illegal hissss. As if the police would arrest me lol. I've never eaten these before because they come in small packs and they're too precious.

Sweet Pea

I've only seen them twice, but it was a great experience! They smelled delicious and sweet like real perfume. I like their unique petal shape and how they come in many colors + shades.


I've only seen 3 of them in some bush at my school. They were so big and gorgeous, the petals felt thick and the style was tempting to touch. Luckily I didn't pick them because I thought they were too rare. The tea tastes aight, I hate tea by the way (the only good tea is honey-infused).


I love how their petals form in that spherical shape. They look like they'd cut you up like a cheese grinder if you slid your hand against it. I like its name too. DaaaaliiUUhh


As of 2021 these are my favorite flowers. They are pretty simple looking but I like them the most and thats FINAL.

Worst Flowers


Design-wise they're quite lovely. All bundled up, almost as beautiful as the wysteria. Unfortunately they smell absoulutely horrible and their texture is like celery. I don't know why a flower would want to smell so shitty but thats their personal issue.


If nyall know your Steven Univese lore then this plant should be familiar. An onion flower. Like the hyancinth it is kinda cute like a dandelion but its stinky. What else would you expect from a horrible onion. I remember ripping these out of my front yard and the bulbs were never grown right. So hard to pull.

this page never feels complete, theres just too many flowers that I love