I joined Gaiaonline on May 2018. I joined cause I'm into virtual words and it has way too many clothing options. I did form some good friendships along the way. It's been nearly a year since I've last got on. I lost motivation after flash kept getting banned, people stopped appearing in the lobbies, and when I saved up 1.6 trillion gaia gold. It was fun while it lasted. If you own the Cosmic Rainbow Band then plz contact me!! My username is LOVETXT.

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Theres lots of adults on this site that have serious discussions on this virtual platform. I can't blame them either, there's no restrictions on what you say unless some fool wants to report you.

I used to do tons of suspicious surveys to get sum delicious gaiacash. Some of them don't accept me anymore since I'm a liar and a fool. The sites were soo fishy, Mcafee would cry and tell me to go back to safety. I would do anything for gaia cash!! (except pay real human money)