This is an internet memory page for me! Sites I used during my childhood (i’m still a child tho).

email stuff?

I remember back when my mom knew how to use the computer she would put these games for me and my sister. At that time I didn’t know how to use the computer so I would watch my sister play. The games I remember playing was a spongebob digging game,a cat-dog marriage dressup, and a marriage dressup. My sister would usually do roiworld dressups. Korean girls are fun to dress up.
I remember my parents would use hotmail a lot. My dad would watch dragonball clips but he wasn’t into em. I remember my dad was emailing my uncle and I wanted to send a message so I keysmashed and sent tons of heart emojis. My parents were charmed by my pathetic attempt of a message. I was around 3-4 years old. I also remember that gif of a stick dude smashing his head with the keyboard. Lil mia was fascinated.


I finally learned how to use the computer at 5 years. I didn’t know how to read so I begged my sister to type for me and I would press random buttons. My first lesson of the internet was to never click ads! The sites I used were The Doll Palace and GirlGoGames.
the doll palace
My favorite games were Lagoon Quest,Sonic Character Creator,Sonic RPG, and prolly more.Unfortunately The Doll Palace fuckin died and I hate GirlGoGame’s new layout so I rarely visit.


I played Poptropica,Stardoll,Moshimonsters, and Super Secret. I would always forget the passwords though so I made tonz of new accounts.
My favorite games to play were RPG’s, tower defenses, shooting, and horror games. I loved the Bloons Tower Defense series and I still play every now and then.My sister loved escape games so I would watch her. A game I vividly remember was Darkness Escape. This game was spooky and took place in a house,hospital, and train.