The Past Incarnations of Punchy!!

December 12,2017

Despite making this site on the 10th, I only updated it 2 days later. At this time I went by “dotsuku” which was the name of a furry character. Dotsuku can be supposebly translated to ‘to jab, to hit, to punch’ Big Coincidence huh?? To be honest I didn't have any solid plans for the newborn site, I didn't even know html x3. At first I wanted to make a site on mytholgy, but hesitated because I thought "someone could google that instead of going on my unknown dookie neocity".

Summer of 2018

As you can see I became an expert coder. I *kinda* went ham cause I found some codes involving rainbow text and image postitions which were on my beloved tumblr theme. Rainbows really do wonders for my eyes but I need to be nice to my audience x3. Seeing it now I do think its ugly because of the div background and shadow.

Pre-August, 2018

I used to have an intro page and a home page. The flee and escape graphics were my favorite. This was the time when I became most active in tha community.

Not gonna lie, I'm still into the table theme. One thing I'd change would be the div background. I remember being proud of this theme, I felt more free back then.

August and after 2018

I had 3 motivations for my new theme

  1. I wanted a better way of presenting information.
  2. I had a prophetic dream were my new "format" was very beautiful.
  3. Some dude named Carver said that people who use tables should be shot


I changed the font and header thats all. It's kewl seeing punchy's development. There are no ragrets Once again I've changed my format, looks much better. "Slim and Sleek" like my mom would say. It feels like a new skin.