I got em on November 12. My beautiful budgies.. I love them so much and they love the strawberry millet. My dad took me to the pet shop because he wanted hummingbird feeders and randomly decided to get the birds. First we bought Chewy who was very shy and tweeted *2* times on his first day. The next day my mom got Chicky who was very crazy!!!


Chewy is a chill bird and he's friendly. He was pretty shy at first, but he willingly got on my finger the next morning. He sings often and I can hear him cooing at Chicky. He usually initiates friendly actions first with Chewy. For example, he often tries getting close to her and he threw up in her mouth first. (vomit is a social move I swear!!)
Chewy trusts me and eats from my hand without worry. He also calls me when he's hungry. He loves strawberry millet a lot and eats it so fast from my hand that sometimes he bites me haha (accident I hope). To be honest I have a hard time distinguishing his beak color so I just assume he's male


Chicky is a very uhh emotional bird, but I still love her!! My mom described her as "la mas loca" in her bird cage when she first saw her. When I tried putting her in the cage she flew out of my hands and flew around the living room. Praise the lord because none of the windows were open. Luckily I caught her and put her in (she bit me so hard). She is still wary of me and Chewy. When Chewy tries to get close she pecks him away. Either she's really rowdy or really anxious. Once in a while I catch her vomiting in Chewys mouth so I guess she's slowly trusting him. She also accepts millet, but only when Chewy's eating it too.

I love my birdies and I hope they'll trust me more soon. In the spring, Chewy and Chicky might have babies so that'll rock.
6/23/19: Mmkay I can't deny it anymore..Chewy is NOT a guy. His cere is *pink*, I don't really care about their pronouns anymore and they probably don't care either. I still luv em though. I can see their complex relationship and I know that Chicky is definitely the nicer of the 2 birds. Chewy sometimes ignores her and straight up pecks her when she tries to use the loop toy. Female budgies really be like that...

birds together

Yea they fight sometimes, but they are still friends I think. When they're not fighting they stand so close, so very very close to eachother. The look in their eyes, the soft pecks they give eachother, the personal grooming and feeding, all show their BIG friendship =3. They copy the kiss sound that I make and when I walk by they do it. So cute!!