My Poor Budgies

So me and my family like to hang the bird cage outside on a hook connected to the ceiling of our porch. This worked for us for the past 5 years with our birds (they like the view). Unfortunately on April 24, 2022 the hook must've been weakened from years of use and it broke which lead to the cage falling. The cage immediately broke and the birds in a panic flew out to the world. This is especially tragic to me because I never saw this happen in person, I only saw video footage. I could see that the first spot the birds flew towards was the front door and when they couldn't get in they just flew up. Their first instinct was back inside and no one was able to help. By the time we noticed the cage was on the floor and 10 minutes had passed. I spent the whole day looking and calling out to them and I heard tweets back far far away. But I suspect they were the neighbors budgies. It got to a point that every tweet sounded like them.

I don't want to think about what probably happened with them. I can't say RIP because you never know. I hope they found peace. :(