A page dedicated to my fave ASMR youtubers.

What is ASMR?

ASMR is a relaxing tingly feeling caused by good sounds. A good example of this would be a comforting whisper from someone who loves you. Some of y’all have never experienced that so here’s a better example: Have you ever gotten the chills while listening to some *great* music? Well that was a frisson. (If not, that’s really sad, so tragic.) A frisson is a thrilling feeling, literally goosebumps.


ASMR has always existed even when it wasn’t acknowledged. Its just perfect, the thought of nice people whispering nice things in your ear? It doesn't have to be romantic and it helps when you feel hopeless. I do be falling asleep. I also find the visuals appealing since they can be delicious foods, colorful lights, lava lamps, and have elements of roleplay. As a kid I’ve always liked roleplay games and it’s funny seeing all those titles. Like “Meg Griffon does your Makeup” or “Alien Inspection ASMR”.

Why not?

I think the reason why most people don’t like ASMR is because they can’t take it seriously and aren’t into emerging themselves into these kinds of roleplays. They can't remove the barrier you know? I can understand why someone wouldn’t like the idea of a stranger talking in a low voice and making claims of care. I cannot deny, it can be cringe sometimes. Plus the sounds used in ASMR can be things that most of the population are annoyed by, like chewing, tapping, crinkling, and scratching. It is supposed to be gentle in the videos though.

  • Binaural Eats Asmr He eats most of time or plays a card game. Very soothing voice 10/10 mia stars and his mic checks are the bomb!
  • Batala's Asmr As of right now she is my favorite Asmrist! Each video is well made and has me passing out within 8 minutes. She uploads frequently and has magical energy :3
  • ASMRMagic She always leaves caring comments/descriptions. I've fallen alseep multiple times because of her videos. There's just lots of goodies in there.
  • asmr zeitgeist This dude uses ASMR ideas that are "fresh and unique" like orbees and other objects. I appreciate the editing he puts into his videos, like when he puts eyes on the mics. Gives them a sense of personality heheehe.
  • Tony Bomboni ASMR He has a nice range of videos, some funny and some that are perfectly relaxing. I almost cried once cause of his "manager catches you shoplifting video", it got too real for me.
  • RaffyTaphyASMR Warning:Mouth sounds!! The case does make good sounds. He's an expert tapper. I enjoy the fast pace (plz come back Raffy!!).
  • Gentle Whispering ASMR She has the best whispers in my onion. She is one of my biggest favorites. She does ASMR in both English and Russian. I've fallen asleep to tons of her videos and the personal care ones are the best.
  • Morpheus ASMR This man seems really nice and I trust him. He uploads very frequently and has a nice soothing voice. He also takes care of his mother and featured her in a hair-washing video which was one of my favorite videos from him. I could fall asleep to any of his videos honestly. (update 9.1.2021: his mother died last year, bless her soul)
  • Ephemeral Rift He has so many videos! I can't keep track of all them them. Anyway most of them are roleplay and they're enjoyable. He made lots of Avengers themed ones lol and does minecraft too.
  • TirarADeguello Ok yes he's a big meme, but his videos are high quality! Very good brain melting sounds and a sense of care in his voice. Yes he is the one who made the Harambe Illuminati video but don't worry it's good I swear. Put your fate in his hands!
  • Angelica Nun roleplay Yes..this meme video, it is so good. Most of her videos are on the funky side but she's good at what she does. She talks about and roleplays a lot of my interests, history and mythology. Once in a while she'll pretend to stab or suffocate you lolol. (update 9.1.2021: I don't listen to her anymore because I don't get tingles from her videos. the nun one is the only one that works.)